Cookie Selector

Cookie Selector 2.0

Organize cookies in your PC and keep them where you want

Cookie Selector is a program which allows you to select which cookies you want to keep and wipe out all the others with a few easy steps. Cookie Selector will immediately show the cookies on your system.

It sorts them into "cookies to keep", "cookies to erase" and "neutral cookies"; categories you can set yourself. While the program comes with predefined filters, you can erase/edit or append any filter.

"Any" filters kill cookies if your keyword is anywhere in the cookie name. "Part" filters search for "whole word only" parts in cookie names. Once you set new filters, you can safely test them by pressing the Cookietest button.

If you are satisfied that the filters work as intended, kill malevolent cookies by pressing the button and you are done. Of course, Cookie Selector will remember your filters, so you only have to set them once.

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